" We do export, sales, service and modify, truck hydraulic products."

" Attral Drivelines..."

is the supplying European truck hydraulic products in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Gulf Countries, African Countries and Bangladesh. We provide the total solution for mobile hydraulic applications, such as Power Take Off (PTO), Gear Pumps, Bent axis pumps, Tipping Cylinder Kit, Split shaft PTO, Transfer Case, Hydraulic Tanks, and Accessories, etc… With over a decade of experiences, we serve the best-in-class truck hydraulic products to our clients.

We provide the total solution for fire tenders and mobile hydraulic applications, such as PTOs, bent axis pumps, Split shaft PTO, Water pumps for fire trucks, etc...

We also educate our clients about basic hydraulics, basic knowledge about PTOs and pumps.

Attral Drivelines is not just supplying the mobile hydraulic products, we extend our supports to our customers with servicing the hydraulic products like PTOs, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic cylinders etc… Very soon we are going to expand our product ranges with material handling attachments.

" All that glitters is not Gold"

You may get PTOs for cheap price in the market, that are just duplicated from original. Beware of them for it's cheap quality...

By using these kind of product, you may lose your machine durability and time. Contact us if you decide to buy PTOs. and pumps, we are always happy to help you to fulfill your mobile hydraulic requirements.

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