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PTO doesn't engage?
1) The main reason will be not enough high air pressure. PTO works on air pressure 6 bar or above. Wait until system pressure is above 6 bar before engaging PTO. 2) The airline will be contaminated. Remove the contaminants from air cylinder and bleed air system more often. 3) The drive gear will be closely pressed because of not being work for a long time. Although the air pressure is sufficient, PTO won't work. Check the tightness of the PTO. 4) Shift control will be worn or damaged. Repair or replace the components 5) The shift fork will be out of shift collar. Reassemble the shift fork.
PTO doesn't disengage?
1) There will be a fault on air valve. It's usually as a result of contamination or dirty valve. Keep air system bled and valves free of dirt. 2) Shift control will be worn or damaged. Repair or replace the components. 3) The shift fork will be out of shift collar. Reassemble the shift fork.
Other Problems?
1) Assemble the gaskets and sealants correctly on PTO otherwise torque will reduce. 2) PTO takes its fluid from transmission. If the gaskets are not assembled correctly, hydraulic pump may absorb all the fluid from transmission. This will cause damage on transmission.
PTO Classification:
1- PTO is mounted to transmission from left side, right side or rear. 2- PTO mounted from rear has straight(single gear) and transfer types(double gear). 3- PTO has air, mechanical, vacuum , electric control regarding to its work system. 4- PTO will be ISO(4 bolt) , UNI(3 bolt) or flange for remote type regarding to its mounting part with pumps.
PTO Installation instruction:
1- Stop engine. 2- Drain transmission fluid. 3- Remove cover plate from transmission. Clean mounting pad, bolt holes and transmission gears. 4- Grease gaskets and seals in order to hold them in place during installation. Don't use a permanent sealant on gaskets because you may need to change them later. 5- Check the backlash on the input gear by feeling through the inspection. The amount of rotational movement of the PTO gear should be between 15mm and 45mm. 6- Torque all the mounting cap screws or nuts. This typically requires a torque limit of 30-35 lbs/ft for 6 bolt pads and 45-50 lbs/ft for 8 bolt pads. 7- Start the truck engine for a few seconds while transmission and PTO in neutral and listen for unnatural noises. A whine noise indicates the PTO is mounted too tight. Stop engine and add a gasket. A clatter noise indicates a loose mount. Stop engine and remove a gasket. Add sealant if no gasket is used. 8- Refill transmission with transmission fluid and run engine for 5 to 10 minutes to check for leaks. Stay clear of rotating components. Stop engine and inspect the cap screws, nuts and studs to make sure they are properly tightened. 9- Install the appropriate shifter kit components. 10- If you attach a driveline, adapter or hydraulic pump to your PTO, don't forget to grease the PTO output shaft and gaskets.

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