Original G85 PTO for Bharatbenz BS4 Trucks

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December 10, 2015
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April 15, 2016

Original G85 PTO for Bharatbenz BS4 Trucks

Attral Drivelines bring you the best in class, European standard PTOs for Bharatbenz BS4 trucks in India. Also for FUSO trucks which has G85 gearbox. PTO for G85 gearbox, Kozmaksan made variety of PTOs like, Co-axial, Drop down, multi-pump output types.

G85 Co-axial PTO is highly desired and well running model in India and Sri Lanka markets. Its proven design and cost effective for the truck based hydraulic applications.

Note: Beware of duplicated, copied PTO in Asian markets. Get the genuine PTO products for your worth of money. Contact us for more details.



  1. Delphin Paul says:

    Thanks for this imported G85 Co-axial PTO. It really works for the money and trust worthy PTO
    for such a reputed truck from Benz group.

    Thanks Attral 🙂 really good job !

  2. Terence Shanaka says:

    We import this PTO from Attral Drivelines. Really a great product for my Fuso trucks…
    I should appreciate the commitment of Attral and for this World class product.
    Keep the good works team Attral.

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