TATA Ultra truck PTO with pump – G550 PTO with Pump
May 9, 2014
ZF PTO for 6 Speed Gearboxes (ZF 6S PTO)
December 10, 2015
This G600 PTO is used for side mounting in the GBS 600 Gearbox in TATA LPT 1518, LPT 1618, LPT 1918
and LPT 2515 trucks. This PTO capable of 350 Nm intermittent capacity and comes with two variant outputs…
1. G600 PTO with ISO 4 bolt direct pump mounting option (G600-V1)
2. G600 PTO with DIN 1300 remote pump mounting option (G600-V2)
Also this PTO is available with 1:0.941 ratio specially for Aircraft Refueling Truck application.
These TATA PTOs are proven and approved by tier1 and tier2 OEM customers.
For your best deal, please contact us in pto@attral.co.in or call us in +918095994004

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